SQLMerger for merging, moving or converting data in databases

With SQLMerger you have a practical system for comparing and merging data from different database systems, in a unique and straight-forward manner. SQLMerger is also an effective tool for copying, editing and browsing database contents. It can be used by the developer as well as the businessperson.

    With SQLMerger you can
  • Convert or migrate a database.
  • Compare databases of different types, e.g. the source can be an Access database and the target a SQL Server database.
  • Copy or merge some data from one table to another, with in a very controllable, visual method.
  • Have a change-script collected automatically for all the changes made.

"Keep track on a huge amount of data and transform it between different places and models. At the same time please 'just' keep all the details under control... and get it right"

SQLMerger - Compare and merge data
Insight into any database with SQLMerger!

When working with complex datasets there can be a lot of challenges. If you have a database with just 10 tables you know it can become challenging to keep track on both details and relationships. You need an assisting tool.

How it started?

Years ago we ourselves needed a tool for working with databases in a standard business software system. This system contained hundreds of tables and a lot of configuration data residing in the database. This posed massive efforts in handling changes. Because of this we created SQLMerger. Our tool have since then been used to solve the most challenging assignments around the world.

You can do this:

  • Compare databases down to individual field level.
  • Merge databases interactively and visually, having a nice fine grained control of what you want.
  • Synchronize a database with the latest data from a 'master' database.
  • Like to see something else than number codes when looking directly into the database, e.g. a user name instead of the number 4?
  • All changes is collected automatically for all the changes you make.

Free trial version and 30-days-money-back-gurantee!

3 super properties:

  • Visual - All data is color coded.
  • Result oriented - Data is retrieved in a free-fashion style and can be transformed completely without limitations.
  • Helping - Foreign key data is displayed automatically as lookup texts instead of raw key values.

Selected Features


Enterprise Professional Free
Make changes to data and see the changes via intuitive color coding. Checkboxes also show if data will be updated, added or deleted Yes Yes Yes

Visual comparison of any data coming from any database via intuitive color coding

Yes YesYes

Lookup texts add automatically to ease browsing and editing with real lookup values (e.g. show display-texts instead of raw keys values)

Yes YesYes
- add lookups for everything in the project, in one go Yes No No

Lists differences and possible changes - you can use any standard grid feature to e.g. sort you data on this information

Yes YesYes

Execute long SQL code texts (scripts) easily

Yes Yes No

Projects helps manage everything, using the well-known open, save mechanisms etc. A project can work as a process script for a large database conversion and other tasks

Yes YesYes

Tools for merging and changing contents in a set of data
- copy selected or all, source only records
- change selected or all, difference records to match source
- delete target-only records
- and 5 other tools

Yes Yes No

Generate change script along the way. All changes made to data are scripted automatically

Yes Yes Yes
- script all tables in on go Yes No No
Log automatically every change you make to the database in a log file Yes Yes No
- store the common log file on a network drive in a multi-user environment, so changes from multiple persons are logged Yes No No

Well-format by selecting a text column and invoking this feature to apply the same 'format' on all texts. E.g. change from "Send-to-processing" to "SendToProcessing" or "SEND_TO_PROCESSING". Search and replace in tables

Yes No No

Large texts are displayed and edited conveniently

Yes YesYes

Delete contents in many interconnected tables, in the correct order automatically

Yes No No

Enterprise Professional Free
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Windows 10, 7, Vista, XP, 2000, NT, ME, 98 or 95.
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